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Your 90 Day Marketing Plan – Ya Gotta Give it 90 days!

As part of your 90 day marketing plan, it seems getting to 90 days is the first goal, to see some type of results.  Have you heard the term “Give it 90 days” or 90 days from now you will start seeing results from actions you took today.  And what I mean by results is, you start seeing progress due to the dedicated daily action you take.

That success could mean you now have 50 blog posts on your website and your traffic is starting to increase every day.  Or, you had your first sale and you now know that “this thing” really works.  And the key thing to remember is, if you made 1 sale you can and will make many more.  If you got 50 people to your site today, then that number will no doubt increase tomorrow.

But 90 days seems to be the magic number where some momentum kicks in.  Where you start seeing traction on your site because of the regular blog posts, or because you consistently called prospects, and now people are starting to join you.

I think too many people go into business, especially online, and think just because they signed up that they are going to be rich… and rich soon.

And it is so far off the mark and such poor thinking.  Look at any successful athlete that participates at an elite level or even just your local champion footy team.  They spent hours, months, years in practise and in training to perfect their craft.  The same can be said for anyone who succeeds in anything they do.

It doesn’t happen overnight and it may not happen at the end of the year. Yes you will definitely have success and progress along the way but it does take time to succeed big!

6 Tips for your Plan!

So here are 6 tips to assist you in your 90 day marketing plan.  You may be using most of these all ready, but definitely take what you think will work for you, and start implementing today!

90 day marketing planHave your Plan written down

I think this is really important and why I wanted to share it first.  You may use all of these tips I suggest or none at all.  But writing down what you are going to do every day is imperative.

There is nothing better than putting your head on your pillow at night knowing you have done all you can do for your business that day.

So make sure you have your plan written down, and marking off your tasks as you go.

Know your end Goal after 90 days

Know what you want to do for each of the 3 months which of course, total up to the 90 days.  For example, if I want to be consistently doing 3 blog posts a week, then that is a total of 12 posts a month.  But looking at it in 90 days, I will have another 36 posts on my blog.  So, definitely know your goals and what you want to achieve.

Decide how much you are going to work on your Online Business

You must make a decision on the amount of time you are going to spend on your business, but more importantly, you must stick to it.  If you can commit 15 hours a week, then make sure each week you are spending 15 hours on it.  And spread this time out over the course of the week.  You have to make it work for you, and work it around your family and day job if you are still doing one.

Choose 2-4 Marketing methods and stick to them

You may be a regular Facebook user and promote your buisness to the appropriate groups.  Or you are all about images and sharing on Instagram.  Perhaps you like to be creative and pin images to boards on Pinterest.   Whatever you choose, get consistent with it and make it part of your daily plan.

If you are using Social media make sure also you use some time to be “Social.”  Don’t make it all about your stuff – an example would be dumping your links and running!  Reciprocity goes a long way.  So make sure you are giving others some comments, likes and shares too!

Whatever you choose thought, get consistent with it and make it part of your daily plan.

Remember, this is a 90 day plan

90 days generally gives you enough time to see results.  Momentum can kick in and something like your blog (where you are adding posts) suddenly has your visitors jump from 50 to 100 a day.  And as you can see in my image below, from consistent blog posting, that is exactly what has happened to me!

daily analytics


And when the 90 days are up, reflect, tweak, try some other things, add to what you are doing, but now its onto another 90 days!

You WILL get paid in Entrepreneurial time

Don’t be the new online business owner who gets disheartened;

“Well I put a couple of ads out on Facebook a few days this week, posted in a bunch of groups, commented on some posts – and nothing – no leads – this business just doesn’t work!”  

And then start looking round the internet and suddenly spot another shiny object over there and off you go…

I know I have to put in the effort, put in the time, the blood sweat and tears and when I don’t get a result this week, next week, next month or even over the next 90 days.  Well, I am just head down, tail up… and I do it all again.

Because I now understand the term “entrepreneurial time.”  I will not get rewarded hourly.  I wont be picking up my check at the end of my work week.   I will however, be rewarded for productivity and for the value I provide to others, and all in due course.  The cool thing about this is my income and yours, can be unlimited…. yip, no cap!

In Summary

So plan what you are going to be doing for 90 days and take massive action daily.
Then when 90 days is up.  Do it all again…

Stop thinking everything has to be perfect and just start taking action.

While I was building this blog I was daily (that keyword daily), writing content and getting it published, and I continue to do so.  I realise now, I do not have to wait for everything to be perfect and I am being rewarded with people joining up to work their business with the same program I use.

I know what I want, I know what I have to do and I am just busy doing it.   And yes, I spend the odd hour here and there on some Social media platforms and on my Facebook Fan page.  But no matter what, I take action daily on my business.


I do hope you found some value in this article and take some tips to implement into your business.  Do comment below and let me know if you stick to a 90 day marketing plan or perhaps share what other things you do below.

Make it a productive day!









4 thoughts on “Your 90 Day Marketing Plan – Ya Gotta Give it 90 days!”

  1. I totally agree with KNOWING YOUR END GOAL! I think that much too often, we focus on planning for right now, without gauging where we are actually trying to reach. I love how you said that “…be paid in entrepreneurial time.” That is genius! I am an entrepreneur and I was cut this way. That means, that I understand that my effort will pay off, as long as I stick to it– my plan to reach my personal career goals! This was one big motivator for me to read and I will definitely pass this article along to my cousin who is just getting started with her home based business doing event planning. She needs your insight!

    Thanks for the post!
    -Nerissa S.

    • Hi Nerissa,

      Yes, we definitely need goals and a good reminder for me to reassess mine!  I am glad you really enjoyed the article and I do hope your cousin gets something from it. Afterall, that is what this is about, paying ‘what we learn’ forward to others.  All the best and thanks for stopping by!

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Hi, just wanna say that I really enjoyed reading your article on a 90 day marketing plan. Being in the car business has my finances out of whack, so I’m always looking up news ways to make money, whether it be online or not.
    When your talking about writing content, are there specific topics that we’re supposed to discuss? Or is there a way to beat all the other competition out there?

    • Hi Gabe,

      Glad you enjoyed it.  What you discuss depends on what your niche and website is about.  And the way to beat your competition is to write good quality, lengthy content, SEO in the right spots and also low competitive keywords are best.  Hope this helps you out!


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