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23 HOT Topic Blog Writing Ideas for Your Website

Want Blog Writing Ideas for Your Website?

Sometimes it is tough to come up with new content for your website.  You get writer’s block.  Or maybe you have just started a website and you ask “What do I do now?”

One HUGE tip right off the bat, is to be building your website around something you love. Creating a website and business around your niche, will keep you interested and motivated to continue when things aren’t going your way.

But more importantly, you know the subject, you are the expert and you are the one who is going to provide your returning audience with a ton of value.

And don’t think just because a topic has been covered there is nothing more to say about it. There will be people online that relate to you and your writing style, so you will captivate an audience of like-mind to you.

Below I have compiled a list of 23 ideas that you can get blog writing about.

Not sure how to write your posts?  I have how to structure your blog posts covered for you here!

Now onto the list…

No.1   Dig Deep in Your Niche

Research your niche and you will have a ton of content to write about.  Perhaps you are in the health industry and have chosen to go down the path of let’s say, Yoga.

As you know there is so much you can talk and write about. The poses, which could include video to explain correct techniques, (and that video is now more content because it is on Youtube), or appropriate clothing you must wear.  I have no idea about Yoga, but you could include explain about many variations of exercises all in separate posts.

No.2   Creative Eye Catching Titles

Words such as; Best, Powerful, List of 23…, Guide to, Review, How to…, Scam, the current year and also numbers.  These words included in your title are more likely to be clicked on.

Really think about what catches your eye as you are skimming posts you have Googled.  Why did you click on it?

Your creative title is your window of opportunity to get someone clicking on your post, instead of the 9 others on that search engine page.

No.3   Product or Company Reviews

Writing detailed company and product reviews will keep your visitors engaged, but more importantly fully educated once they have read your review.

And they may just join you in your venture, or buy from you, because they were in the decision making process.  These are definitely the winners on my website.

No.4   Quotes In a Post or Photos with Quotes

Whether you niche is sport, health or business related, there is definitely not a shortage of insightful quotes. You don’t have to be in the personal development industry to share a post full of inspiration!

No.4   Video Tutorials

What is brilliant about video, is not only can you have it in your post and write detailed information on it.  But you now have a video that could be found on You tube.

That video is another piece of content, as well as your post, that can be found in the search engines.  It is a win-win with video embedded in your posts.  And the more you use video the better for you.

how to get traffic from youtubeNo.5   You Tube Videos in Your Content

You can write a blog post on video content you found on You tube.  If the video has share or embed functions under it, then you can use it on your blog.

You may get found for your post, but the video is still credited to the owner which can be a win for both of you.

No.6   How to….  Posts

“How to” posts are great.  People go online for a need.  They want something.  If you are providing “How to” posts and giving your reader a solution to their problem, then they will probably be back!  Or, they will consider the solution, (aka – a link to your affiliate product). So consider being solution oriented in many posts in your niche.

No.7   Share Your Travel Experiences

If you are in the travelling niche, then you no doubt will have your own travel experiences, (I hope you take photos!) to share to your audience. People love seeing places and what other’s get up to – I know I do!

No.8   Write up a Guide

A comprehensive guide is a brilliant way to show your reader that you know what you are talking about. There will always be someone that has less experience in any given field, so your knowledge and skills will definitely assist them.  Include resources from within your site plus from other reputable sites in your niche that may help them out.

No.9   Be Inspired by Similar Posts

Being inspired by other people who are in a similar niche to you can help your blog writing ideas.  What is important here however, is to be inspired and to write your own interpretation of it.  Never ever copy anybody else’s work.

No.10   Tutorials

People want to learn things and always seek learning material online.  You could have video tutorials, or step by step information with images to get your teachings across.

I provide a simple tutorial here on how to find free images online.  And as you can see, not only is it a blog post, but the video is on You tube gaining views and even visitors back to my website.

No.11   Publish Posts about Your Success… and Failures

One thing I love to see is how successful people are online.  And images of stats about their site or income to back it up.  I also like to hear their failure to success as well.  There is no such thing as someone being uber successful without the struggles behind it and it is nice to see blogs written also about struggles to get where they are now.

Something we can relate to and being real!

No.12   Write Lists

Just like I am writing here, put together lists of things for people to find.  10 Powerful Marketing Tools.   The 21 Best Social Media Platforms. Or anything related to your niche.  And as you can see, using the eye catching words as well.

No.13   Learn then Teach Others

Have you ever taken notes at a conference or when participating in a company training for your business. Well these notes could serve others.  From what you have learned, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be someone that hasn’t been taught that lesson.  Your notes are a great resource for more blog writing ideas.

No.13   Write up a Case Study

Make up a full case study of something you have achieved.  How you did it, results good and bad along the way but how you succeeded in the end.  The full process.  I love looking at case studies.  Demonstrates to me what is possible if I am going down the same path.

No.14   Testimonials of Success

If you are part of a business online and have success stories, then make a post of testimonials that lead back to your opportunity.  There is nothing like seeing real people with real results and you are part of that like-minded successful community.

No.15   Write up about Podcasts

People go online these days to watch video, read written material and also to listen to audio as well. If you go to itunes and type in something relevant to your topic, I am sure you will find something that can inspire you to write about.  Linking to the podcast will give the author credit for their work too.

No.16   Social Mediawhat types of social media are there

Social Media being on many platforms will provide you with a plethora of things to talk about.  With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few, there is some strategy you may do that could assist others.

The ideas are truly unlimited here and could have you writing many blog posts for your website.

No.17   Events Worldwide

Just recently Black Friday occurred in America and I saw “Sales” everywhere online. You could write posts about events that happen whether they are monthly or annually.

What is great is the event comes round again, just like Black Friday does.  So there is no reason why you cannot write about them.  For the following year, just go in and update your post!

No.18   Charts and Graphs

Images are always great on sites and pie and bar charts are always interesting to see. If people are skimming your posts they get the data visually and easily.  Chartgo is a great site to create these types of charts.

No.19   How To Create a Website

If you are blogging you will have some knowledge on how to build out a website.  I am part of a platform that teaches me just that!  So writing posts about building websites and directing people to the platform I use is a huge help to them.  Especially when they see they can create a website for free!

Create your starter account here if you want to check my awesome deal out!

No.20   Other Blogs

We get inspiration from other popular and reputable bloggers so writing up a post that contains material you were inspired about from one of them is another idea.

No.21   A FAQ Post or Page

You may get alot of questions related to your niche and what better way to answer them but all in a post – or on a static page on your website.

You can obtain these type of queries from forums or social media groups.  Another really good idea that will give answers to others in your niche.

No.22   A Series of Videos and Posts

Make up a series of, “How to” videos and posts.  I am doing this for WordPress tutorials.  There is quite alot to learn in the back office of a wordpress site so quick videos of how to use various parts of the admin area will be helpful to those who are just starting out.  Each video will become a post and also a video now displayed on You tube… #winwin

No.23   Blogging or Marketing Secrets

People love secrets and especially if they feel they have stumbled across something no one else is doing.  Blog about how you got your posts to Google’s page 1.  Share strategies you have learned for marketing. Each strategy could be in it’s own post.

There is so much to blogging and marketing and lots of free strategies.  Your audience will love the fact you took the time to write up an informative post to share with them.

In Summary

There are so many things you can blog about. This is really just the tip of the iceberg. It can depend also on your niche and what you are truly passionate about, that will inspire you with many ideas for content.

Make sure when writing from some of these ideas here, you include nice images and even video throughout your posts. As I said before those videos are their own piece of content and now you have more ways of being found on Youtube as well.

If you are looking to build a website and blog then definitely check out how I do it, step by step, with 24 hours a day community support then check out my full review on this platform here!

I do hope you liked my post and I have inspired you to take some of them with you. If you have any other blog writing ideas then please add them in the comments below!

Make it an awesome day!



4 thoughts on “23 HOT Topic Blog Writing Ideas for Your Website”

  1. Hello Sharon,

    Very detailed article! I was thinking about starting my own blog, but I was skeptical about my own creativeness. I didn’t think I would be able to produce content on a regular basis. After reading your article, it made me much confident in this aspect.

    I will bookmark this article as a reference whenever I feel stuck on what to write about. I haven’t started blogging yet, but I hope to do so soon!

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Eric 

      Glad I could help for some blog writing ideas for you.  I think what is really important is to get something you like, your niche and write about that.  You will always have ideas and your passion for it will shine through in the posts.  Thanks for taking the time to check it out. 

      Cheers Sharon

  2. As I was reading this article, a question popped up in my mind: What if I can’t create videos to post in my article, would a combination of text and one or two photos here do the job?

    By the way, can you recommend a good site that trains people how to become good bloggers? I want to master that art as I have heard many people getting great results blogging.

    • Hi Gomer,

      Yes text and images are fine too.  Video is good as it is another why of your content being found on google as I mentioned in my post.

      And yes I can recommend an awesome place to learn for bloggers. Even though there are alot of website building and blogging platforms, you cannot go past Wealthy Affiliate and the value they provide.  The training, support, 50 websites, just everything you need in one place.  You can check out a full review on Wealthy Affiliate here to get fully informed on them.


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